Polypropylene Fibres

polypropylene reinforcement fibre
BETONFIBER concrete reinforcement fibres prevent shrinkage and warping cracks on the concrete surface up to anywhere between 80% to 100%

Steel Fibres Reinforcement

steel reinforcement fibres
BETONFIBER steel concrete reinforcement fibres used in industrial applications have special designs to control cracks and give high performance in the long term.

MacroSynthetic Fibres

macro synthetic concrete reinforcement fibres
Polypropylene wavy fibres, also called plastic wires, break through in fibre reinforcement technology by providing long term performance with low dosage.

Crete Colors Reinforcement

Crete Colors
Lithium based concrete surface hardener product line of Crete Colors prevent dusting and wearing and provide clean, shinny, and natural looking concrete surfaces.

Propex FiberMesh Concrete Reinforcement Fibers

fibermesh concrete fibers

Interested in a world class name in concrete fibers? You are in the right place. We, BetonFiber, now proudly present the American made Propex Fibermesh products in Turkey.

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