Our concrete reinforcement products have a wide range of usage areas such as field concretes, industrial concrete floors, concrete structures, steel constructions, precast concretes, shotcrete, and roadways.

Being effected by fast moving technology in construction sector more durable, reinforced, crack and corrosion-free, aesthetically eye catching concrete surfaces have become very popular and due to their being more functional and economical they have started to offer less expensive solutions in comparison to conventional methods.

At a point where keeping the costs at a low level, it is well understood nowadays that the old fashioned way of jointing after pouring the concrete is actually more expensive when the maintenance and repair costs you face with after the well known occurring of deformations on the concrete surfaces after some period of time.

Product life cost is more important than ever in today’s construction sector. A concrete surface that costs you X$ and 5X$ more within 10 years to come OR the one that is more durable and functional and costs you 3X$ at the beginning but have no any other cost for approximately 20 more years? Which one would you pick? The decision is yours…

We invite you to contact our engineers before you make your final decision. You can do that so through our contact page here or via phone directly at +90 532 656 7 656

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Let us add value with BETONFIBER and protect your investment in concrete.
Founded in 2008, Atlas Bir Yapı, operates in construction sector. Four years after

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