Open fields

Open Field Concrete

Open fields

Open fields concrete surfaces are the ones BETONFIBER concrete reinforcement fibers mainly used. Walk ways, warehouse floors, shopping center floors, production facilities, logistic companies, hotels, restaurants, parking places, office buildings, and universities are some of the most common places open field concretes are used the most. Micro synthetic fibers, macro synthetic fibres, and steel fibres are intensely used in open field concrete mixes. They are the most economic methods to prevent plastic shrinkage, plastic slumps, and shrinkage.

As a result of using such reinforcement materials concrete surface will gain more resistance to surface abrasion and avoid powdering, crumbling, and chipping. Especially steel reinforcement fibers are used as secondary reinforcement system instead of iron mesh that is not bearing and this way corrosion and oxidation are prevented, labor advantage gained and all together more economic outcomes are achieved.

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