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Atlas1 Yapi Co., the provider of BETONFIBER concrete reinforcement products, is also a Turkey country distributor of international brand name called Crete Colors, an expert American company specializes in concrete flooring solutions. One of the product lines of this company named C2, which is a nano-lithium based technology, offers durable concrete flooring solutions that are dust-free, shinny, and aesthetically eye catching.

We also specialize in concrete surface polishing with our top of the line machinery and C2 products that are an absolute alternative to epoxy applied concrete surfaces. Thanks to nano-lithium technology we can turn your concrete surfaces into shinny floors in a very short amount of time that will be dust free, more durable than before guaranteed for years to come.

As being the first and only company to offer this service in Turkey and its surrounding countries like Russia, Middle East and CIS countries like Turkmenistan, Kirghistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan we invite you to find out more about this opportunity by visiting our concrete surface polishing web site Let us show you how we can make your concrete surface more durable than ever with an eye catching shine and even colored if desired!

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