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BETONFIBER steel fibers are the steel made products that are used in construction sector in replacement with old fashioned wire mesh. Steel fibres are good for increasing the concrete strength, wearing resistance, fire endurance and preventing concrete surface cracks.

BETONFIBER steel fibres are produced from cold-drawn wires under the ASTM standards and they have 1400N/mm2 (M Pa) pull-off strength.

Concrete surfaces especially in industrial fields are often exposed to fixed loads that are of machinery, heavy shelves and such as well as kinetic loads coming from vehicle traffic. Under these type of loads concrete surface can not handle the energy on the surface and starts to have cracks from the joints. Homegenic spread BETONFIBER steel fibres inside the concrete prevent these type of cracks by making it more durable with increased capacity of energy absorbent and having it fixed.


Technical Specifications
CE Certificate


Technical Specifications
CE Certificate


Technical Specifications
CE Certificate

Bending Strength:
BETONFIBER steel fibres require more energy to be taken out of the mixture. There is a direct relation between bending strength after the breake and the ratio of the participating numbers of steel fibres within the concrete hence the amount used will have positive effect on the energy absotment capacity level. In places where the ratio of participating steel fibres used starts from per 20kg/m3 up to 45kg/m3 the bending strength will increase 60% more.

Bending Fatigue Strength:
The bending fatique strength of steel fibre reinforced concrete is significanlty higher than the normal concrete. Steel fibres are very effective in preventing micro cracks where kinetic loads take place on the surface. The increased level of fatique strength provides effective usage on open field concretes, plaster concretes, and screeds.

Impact Strength:
Energy absorption capacity will strengthen the 3D shape of the concrete and this will cause an increased level of impact resistance.

Steel fibres are spread randomly but in a uniform way. This way the chipping, especially from the joints, will be prevented.

Steel fibres are used in many applications under different environments and conditions and showed a superior performance as a result. Corrosion resulting from oxidation that is seen in wire mesh used in conventional secondary reinforcement systems, will not be seen in steel fiber reinforced systems due to their being uniformly close to each other.

  • Commercial and industrial field concretes
  • Places where heavy loads matter like parking fields and gas stations
  • Concrete pipes and precast concrete constructions
  • Concrete roads
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Shotcrete and tunnels
  • Airports, apron and taxi ways
  • Military buildings
  • Anywhere between 15 to 45kg is used per m3.
  • It can be put in the concrete mixer while preparing the concrete.
  • 7-12min of mixing after adding BETONFIBER steel fibres is enough to have a homogenized spread. BETONFIBER steel fibres are produced individually and glue-free so there will not be any agglomeration.
  • Steel fiber reinforced concrete application is the same with normal concrete application so jamming should be avoided. The recommended finish and curing techniques are the same in steel fiber reinforced concrete. Appropriate curing is important in avoiding warping, failure, shrinkage cracks caused by thermal reasons. The correct curing method will increase the quality and performance of the concrete surface.


Betonfiber HE7535 HE1050 HE0960
Fibre Dia.(d) 0,7 mm 1,0 mm 0,9 mm
Fiber Length (I) 35 mm 50 mm 60 mm
Slenderness Ratio (I/d) 50 mm 50 mm 66 mm


Box Sizes 27.5 x 27.5 x 13 cm
Box Quantity in a Pallette 40 – 50 Adet
Box Weight 20 – 25 KG
Pallette Weight 1.000 KG
Polypropylene fibres Macro-synthetic fibers Crete Colors
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